Privacy Policy

1. Declaration

Persdia, providing services to you, establishes Privacy Policy and makes an effort to protect personal information.

2. Policy

(1) We obey Personal Information Protection Law and other laws.

(2) We manage all personal information properly.

(3) We take necessary and proper actions to prevent loss, crash, defacing and leak of information and illegal access.

3. Collection

(1) Purpose of utilization

Persdia collects personal information including your name and e-mail address to provide our services, answer an inquiry and send a notice of suspend or modification of our services when you register this Website or contact us. We use cookies and log files like most of other websites.

(2) Utilization

We do the following by using personal information:

(1) We manage your account and customize our services to make better.

(2) We may send an e-mail about our services or a promotion. You can control the settings about the mail delivery.

(3) Providing to third party

We use and manage personal information within the scope of the utilization purpose and do not provide personal information to third party except when we give you notice of the utilization purpose and the destination and get a nod from you (and except when we outsource our business). Provided that this shall not apply to the personal informal that is requested based on laws and considered by us to be required to protect human life, body or property.

(4) Outsourcing

We may outsource parts of our business to give better services and provide personal information to the outsourcing company. In this case, we will select the company carefully under the condition that it has proper management system to protect personal information and have it manage properly after making a contract with convenants to protect personal information with the proper management.

4. Safety

We make best efforts to prevent to prevent loss, crash, defacing and leak of information and illegal access but we are not liable for these accidents like the following case unless we violate laws:

(1) When someone publishes personal information on other websites.

(2) When your information is leaked from your device or by the password, in the control of you, stolen.

5. Security

We use SSL(Secure Socket Layer) technology.

6. Modifying of Privacy Policy

(1) This Privacy Policy may be modified without notice.

(2) Modified Privacy Policy are in effect from when it is published at this page except when we establish other terms.

7. Contact about personal information

Please contact the following about personal information in the control of us.

spiseed Inc.


7F Sakaue Building, 3-27-15 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Established: 2015-07-01