Terms of Service

This Website('Service'), https://persdia.com, is operated by spiseed Inc.. To use our Service, you have to read and agree to these terms. We may modify these terms or any additional terms that apply to the Service without notice.

1. Service

Do not try to access or use our Service by a method without other than the interface and the instructions that we provide.

We will not be liable for any loss or any damege caused by the Service. Look at '5. Disclaimer' for details.

2. Handling of personal data

We will handle the personal information including name, e-mail address, address and phone number according to our Privacy Policy.

3. Copyright

1. The copyrights including programs and images at the Service belong to us. You can not use, reproduce, transmit, distribute or modify these without permission except for private use.

2. The brand Persdia belogs to us and you can not use without permission.

4. Prohibited activities

1. We prohibit the following:

1) Causing a loss to third party or us or bringing the possiblity of a loss

2) Causing damage to the properties, the reputation or the privacy of third party or us or bringing the possiblity of damage

3) The activities contrary to or having the possibility to go against public order and morality

4) False declaration like registering the e-mail address of someone else, not you.

5) Providing malicious programs like computer viruses.

6) Sending a spam mail.

7) The activities violating or having the possilibity to violate any law

8) The activities which are considered inappropriate by us.

2. We can claim compensation for loss when you violate these terms.

5. Disclaimer

1. We are not responsible for accuracy or completeness of all information at our Service although we create and manage these carefully

2. We may close our Service without notice or modify parts or all of the information.

3. We are not liable for any loss caused by illegal access, spam mails or quarrels by or not by using our Service.

6. Termination

1. We may suspend our Service to you when you violate these terms.

2. We may claim compensation against you when you violate these terms.

7. Claiming compensation

We may claim compensation when you violate these terms.

8. Competent court

Tokyo District Court is our competent court when we fight a legal battle.

9. Additional terms

1. We may establish additional terms based on these terms at any time.

2. The rules written in each page of this Website are given priority over these terms.


These terms are in effect from 2015-07-01.